Taiyue tools is a manufacturer of technical study and research of metalworking tools,
we produce high performance solid carbide tools from china.
We will based on customer feedback and needs to make meticulous improvements and optimizations.
We also offer customized tool service,Assist customers to solve tool problem.
We work well with our clients to complete the work and complete the work within the specified time.
We have our own advantages in quality and price.We will be a quality supplier and producer.


Produce high performance solid carbide metal removal tools, We produce high precision and best quality,Help customers reduce production costs with the most competitive quality,Complete deliveries with the fastest efficiency.


Continuous improve our tools and optimize the combination between solid carbide grades,geomtries,grinding techndogy and coating in order to provide, the best in the class tools for milling and drilling applications.


High precision CNC grinding machines from Australia and Germany,ZOLLER inspection equipment,Fully automated and climate controlled,Ensure you get the best quality.